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France ends ban on sale of CBD flowers - Cannabis Wealth (04/02/23)

French cannabis industry representatives have welcomed the news, stating the industry will now be able to flourish in the country.

Benjamin-Alexandre Jeanroy, CEO of Paris-based cannabis consulting firm, Augur Associates, has also welcomed the good news. However, he highlights that France has now “just made it back to where we should have been in 2018.”

Jeanroy told Cannabis Wealth: “There is still much to do. We need to work on and implement a regulation favourable to sustainably developing the cultivation, extraction, processing and distribution chains of qualitative wellness CBD products to consumers. The catalogue of available varieties needs to become broader and more accessible, and the THC limits raised to 1%."

“All these topics have been explored since 2019 by Augur Associates’ white paper on wellness hemp produced for the french Syndicat Professionnel du Chanvre (SPC).”

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