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Making a positive impact on your business will have a positive impact on the world

Become the ESG Leadership of the cannabis industry

15 years ago, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria emerged as a tool to assess the sustainability of investment and are now the new standard for prudent asset management

ESG-friendly strategies are now widely recognised as a means of improving company performance while creating short and long-term value

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Sustainable development is about meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability to meet the needs of tomorrow.  

A company's implementation is framed by ecological, social and better governance (ESG) principles. However, a genuine commitment requires concrete actions. 

As our world and the global cannabis industry evolve, there is a need for a tailored approach that addresses sector-specific challenges while promoting best practices.    

As ESG becomes the new norm, purposefully positioning yourself within this trend will enhance shareholder value and accentuate its position with prospective investors.

With an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of this highly volatile sector, we can understand your needs and reap more benefits than a one size fits all ESG oversight.

Augur offers ESG rating and advisory services specifically dedicated to the cannabis and hemp sector.

Augur's expertise translates into a proprietary method of assessing the value and risk of a business through a comprehensive ESG model specific to the cannabis industries.

We aim to create sustainability-based opportunities to help cannabis companies navigate this transition


How can ESG increase the value of your assets?

Value creation is at the heart of every company's preoccupations.

The overwhelming weight of accumulated research finds that close attention to Environmental, Social, Governance, (and Innovation) factors creates more value. It does so in 5 different ways:


(1)  Facilitate top-line growth


(2) Reduce costs


(3) Minimize regulatory and legal interventions


(4) Increase employee wellbeing and productivity


(5) Optimize investment and capital expenditures

What impact does ESG have on your company's performance in the cannabis sector?

More so than in any other area, companies in the sector are under particular scrutiny from regulators. Not only are they required to be exemplary, but it is essential to anticipate what will become tomorrow's standard to respect.

Conversely, not anticipating these expectations makes it more challenging to identify potential risks. This can have critical consequences, whether in terms of reduced exportability to other markets, reputational damage, environmental costs or increased exposure to regulatory change.


How to reduce environmental impact by setting targets. To implement an increased share of renewable energy and limit pollutant emissions. To develop recycling systems to avoid a lack of resources or optimise the use of limited ones

  • Circular water collection systems

  • Solar and wind supplemental power

  • Aggregate CO2 tracking, accountability and offset

  • Optimised energy use algorithms for grow facilities and offices

  • Resource conscious logistics

  • Regenerative horizon


Environmental criteria

How to examine working conditions, relationships with clients, suppliers, human resources management and the overall impact on society and human beings

  • Advanced BCP and work-from-home options

  • Knowledge and diversity-rich workplace with opportunities for training and advancement

  • Supporting social campaigns aligned with company values, including social justice initiatives

  • Team safety and well-being are always the number one priority

Social criteria

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How to ensure that the governance structure of a company is transparent, independent and diverse. How the corporate offices are recruited and remunerated, and whether smaller shareholders are included

  • Inclusive staffing of C-suite executives

  • Diverse appointments for the board of directors

  • Non-hierarchical management structure with checks and balances

  • Transparent financial operations with value-driven remuneration protocols

Governance criteria

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Because of its fringe status, the cannabis industry has always been permeable to innovation, which often served as a replacement for unavailable tools and services.


However, lacking hindsight may lead businesses to innovate without understanding the consequences. It is crucial to realise that if novel approaches might revolutionise an activity, not everything new is necessarily positive, mainly if that novelty reproduces behaviours that prove harmful to one or several other categories (E, S, and G).


  • Blockchain 

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Innovative management techniques

  • Margin Reinvestment

  • Entourage Effect

Innovation criteria

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