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AUGUR.ASSOCIATES société de conseil marché Cannabis & Chanvre en France, Europe


Hemp is a variant of Cannabis Sativa L with a low THC content (between 0.2% and 1%)  

It grows outdoors in most climates, soils and altitudes of the world  

This unique plant is making a comeback as a versatile solution to climate change



Depending on the variety, it takes between 13 to 16 weeks before hemp can be harvested. It is sown at a density of 200 to 250 seeds per m²

No synthetic inputs or phytosanitary treatments are required, as the plant is naturally competitive and resistant to pests and diseases. It also has a high level of natural resilience to ecological factors    

In temperate latitudes, hemp has low water requirements (20 to 40 mm/t DM) - a water saving of 75% compared to cotton - and low fertilisation requirements (about 100 units of nitrogen and 300 units of potash).

This plant has remarkable soil and water cleaning properties, capturing CO2, heavy metals and radioactivity like no other. It also allows the regeneration of soils and to repair damages caused by erosion


A source of biodegradable plastic and biofuels that can replace fossil fuels   
Its fibres are an excellent insulation material to reduce our dependence on electric heating and cooling   
Hemp concrete is a building material capable of revolutionising the construction industry It produces 10 to 100 times more usable fibre per kg than trees or cotton



Hemp has 25,000 different products and over 50,000 applications. The list is growing as new technologies open up new uses. The most common uses are for:









Paper, construction insulation, composite materials or bio plastics, textiles

Food and feed (birds, fishing bait), and cosmetics

Animal bedding, hempcrete, mulching of green spaces and eco-construction

Residual production waste: energy generation or compost

Through photosynthesis, hemp plants have the ability to store considerable amounts of carbon (one hectare of industrial hemp can absorb up to 15 tonnes of CO2 every year)

Hemp can be used to regenerate polluted or depleted soil and achieve better fertility as well as better nutrient supply. 

It can absorb anything from nuclear radiations to heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, nickel and zinc) while remaining suitable for human or animal consumption


Land research

Identifying the right location (size, climate, regulation...) is the first step for any player in the sector


Fund research

Invest in farms and farmers, innovators and science.
Augur Associates helps you build a file to provide the right information to investors and can assist you in raising funds

Get certifications

Obtaining certifications that guarantee the integrity of your production process as well as your compliance with the regulations in force if you wish to export


Developing a business model

It is healthier to define your protocols and objectives at the start of your business, rather than having to correct oversights later on

Business growth

Having a plan to ensure that your business adopts good practice is essential to grow in the short, medium and long term


Reducing your environmental impact

A sustainability strategy will both reduce your footprint and protect your business from regulatory changes and reputational damage

Earn carbon credits

It is possible to benefit from the carbon removed from the atmosphere by hemp cultivation and generate additional revenue for your business


Clean up contaminated soil & water

Hemp is a prime candidate for phytoremediation, allowing you to apply for remediation projects and gain additional funding and priority access to certain parcels of land for agricultural certification

Stop soil erosion

Growing hemp helps to tackle soil erosion - which affects not only arable land, but also water quality and the degradation of neighbouring soils, restricting habitat and agriculture


Include hemp in crop rotation

Hemp can easily be integrated into a crop rotation, adding a line of income while regenerating soil quality

Find buyers for your production

Augur Associates works with a wide network of companies operating in or with the hemp sector, making it possible to find buyers for your production and partners to process it


Finding hemp supply

Augur Associates can find leading hemp producers for any company wishing to source hemp to reduce its environmental footprint

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