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AUGUR.ASSOCIATES société de conseil marché Cannabis & Chanvre en France, Europe

In Ancient Rome, an augur was responsible for interpreting natural phenomena considered as omens.


As Cicero confirmed in the first century B.C., since the establishment of the Republic,

"no public affair was undertaken without auguries".    

Interpreters of the will of Jupiter, masters of signs, it was then out of the question to

take an important decision, to start a project or a new adventure, without consulting the augur.     

The message primarily consisted then in the observation of the song and flight of the birds and had to be elucidated in order to determine a course of action based on the good or bad omen from the augur.


The augur thus does not make a prediction but interprets the signs requested at a specific time for a specific application.        


This is what we do at Augur Associates: we accompany you in these new markets

where context is key, and knowledge is decisive.

Christophe Nourissier_edited_edited.jpg


Head of Sustainability

  • LinkedIn

A former green lobbyist and political advisor, Christophe shifted to ESG and sustainability consulting before joining Augur as an environmental expert and co-founding Augur ESG & Augur Hemp. His work notably includes developing a complete life cycle monitoring of hemp production to measure and promote positive environmental impact and its potential as a replacement for heavily polluting industries.


He thrives in supporting innovative and green companies, creating sustainable business models and navigating the voluntary carbon market to help scale up the industrial uses of hemp.


A business law and intellectual property graduate from the Univesity of Jean-Monnet in Paris, Christophe speaks fluent French and English.

Benjamin-Alexandre JEANROY

CEO & Cofounder 

  • LinkedIn

A former consultant for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Benjamin-Alexandre, co-founded in 2016 the think tank ECHO Citoyen working on drug policy reform in France. He is also the co-founder of the Syndicat Professionnel du Chanvre (SPC), of the European and French chapters of LEAP, the Thémis participatory network, of the French Psychedelic Society, and of the patient advocacy group Espoir (Im)patient.


Since 2016 he has worked towards creating bridges between actors involved in cannabis, notably through his political advisory and the editorial management of collaborative groundbreaking white papers.


Benjamin-Alexandre is an international relations graduate of Sciences Po Paris and the United Nations-mandated University for Peace (UPEACE). He speaks fluently French, English and Spanish.

Aurélien BERNARD

Cofounder & Partner-Head of Media and Industry

  • LinkedIn

Former web project manager for Webedia, Aurelien, is the founder of Newsweed, the reference media in French-speaking jurisdictions since 2015 on legal and global cannabis news.


His expertise ranges from in-depth theoretical to a technical and practical field market vision of the cannabis & hemp industries and ecosystems in France, at the EU and global level, as well as of the plant itself.


He has collaborated with some of the largest European and North American companies and has the most developed network in France on the medical cannabis and wellness hemp value chains.

Aurélien is a business school graduate from ESC Rennes and speaks French, English and Spanish.

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