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What’s in Store for the European Cannabis Industry in 2024 – Business of Cannabis (05/01/24)

As presented by Business Of Cannabis, 2024 is set to be the year of elections, with more than half of the global population (4.2m people) set to vote in over 70 elections around the world.

As seen in 2023, changes in government administrations can have a significant impact on both attitudes and policies surrounding cannabis, and the global landscape could be drastically different by the end of the year than it is right now.

Inevitably, there is a continued focus on the growing acceptance of adult-use cannabis throughout the world. If it is successful in overcoming regulatory hurdles and a politically critical climate, the European adult-use cannabis market could become a major global business sector. 2024 looks set to be a pivotal year, with innovative models and pilot projects shaping the future (or not). While the challenges are still numerous, the momentum is undeniable.

Turning to the emergence of adult-use cannabis markets across Europe, Benjamin-Alexandre Jeanroy CEO of Paris-based Augur Associates explained there are two distinct models countries seem to be adopting. 

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