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FR Medical Cannabis Patients At Risk Of Losing Access To Treatment - Business of Cannabis (05/05/23)

Our CEO, Benjamin-Alexandre Jeanroy, recently expressed his concern regarding the current medical cannabis framework in France:

"When I speak to our clients and other industry actors, I tell them that right now, there is a very big need for a new push to come from the industry supporting patient voices.

This needs to go further than words, where everyone seems to agree on the necessity to support patient access and voices, while there remains very little concrete impact on the ground. Financially (and transparently) supporting patient groups is more than “just” the right thing to do; it’s also a sound investment.

We still don’t have that in France, and as long as it is the case, the industry will remain at the mercy of the will of the people that are in charge, and they have a lot of other stuff to deal with. It’s not a priority.”

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