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‘Big Pharma’ And ‘Black Market’ Fears In Wake Of Europe’s ‘Narcotic’ CBD Call - 28/08/2020

Speaking in relation to the latest developments, Benjamin-Alexandre Jeanroy, of French cannabis consultants Augur Associates, said: “This follow-up only adds to the current nonsense started by the Novel Food classification of CBD in January 2019. ‘Misinformed European Bureaucracy’. Nothing justifies the classification of CBD in regards to its origin, neither the 1961 convention, nor in scientific or economic terms. This projected billions-of-Euros-industry on the continent is being put at risk by a misinformed European Commission bureaucracy. France is currently not enforcing the Novel Food catalogue, nor regulating CBD for the moment, as authorities are waiting on the ECJ decision and on the publication of a parliamentary fact-finding mission report on cannabis uses, scheduled for early next year.”

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