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Webinar Medical Cannabis & ESG

Monday July 11th @ 10am EST

Register for the Webinar by clicking here

How ESG can secure Malta's positioning as a strategic hub in the European medical cannabis space


  • Kurt Farrugia, CEO, Malta Enterprise

  • Benjamin-Alexandre Jeanroy, Co-founder & CEO, Augur Associates

  • Arnaud Lefebvre, Partner & Head of Financial Services, Augur Associates

  • Christophe Nourissier, Head of Sustainability Services, Augur Associates

  • Jackie Grech, FDI Specialist, Malta Enterprise


15 years ago, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria emerged as a tool to assess the sustainability of an investment and now are the new standard for prudent asset management. ESG-friendly strategies are now widely recognised as a means of improving company performance while creating short and long term value.

Sustainable development is about meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability to meet the needs of tomorrow. For a company, its implementation is framed by ecological, social and better governance (ESG) principles. However, a real commitment requires concrete actions. As our world and the global cannabis industry evolve, there is a need for a tailored approach that addresses sector-specific challenges while promoting best practices. As ESG becomes the new norm, purposefully positioning companies within this trend will not only enhance shareholder value, it will also accentuate its position with potential investors.

Webinar Scope:

The Webinar being organised by Malta Enterprise and Augur Associates will be targeting the medical cannabis industry. Since Malta has been at the forefront in Europe with respect to setting up a robust medical cannabis regulatory framework for research and production purposes, and has been promoting and supporting the building of the medical cannabis ecosystem, Malta Enterprise is also looking at the future needs of the sector. Using ESG as a tool for companies is becoming increasingly more critical for various sectors, and the cannabis space is no exception.

The aim of the Webinar will be to use Augur Associates’ expertise to introduce the topic of ESG to the current and prospective medical cannabis companies and stakeholders. The speakers will explain what ESG is, why it is important for Malta, and in particular, why it is even more so important for the medical cannabis industry. The Webinar will showcase how including ESG in company strategies mitigates risk in terms of environment and investment, and how ESG can be used as a fundraising tool.

Monday July 11th @ 10am EST

Register for the Webinar by clicking here


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