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Has Jazz Pharmaceuticals Knee-Capped The CBD Industry? - Business Cann (16/02/23)

With the fast-growing CBD sector tied up in a regulatory quagmire, hundreds of transatlantic industry players face an uncertain future.

Benjamin Alexandre-Jeanroy, of Paris-based Augur Associates is concerned that, as the French and European medical cannabis markets develop, pharmaceutical companies such as Jazz will alter their profile and stifle competition.

He said: “Jazz is trying to restrict the access of extracts to a solely pharmaceutical model, but is this the right path for cannabis as its focus is on patenting a plant?

“The question for the medical cannabis companies is whether they can come up with a more viable model. One which is in the interests of patients; one which allows for personalised treatment and choice.”

He highlighted how Jazz has deep pockets saying this level of capital is not yet available to most medical cannabis companies.


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