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Crafting policy to adhere to European and international regulations - Cannabis Wealth (11/07/22)

A summary by Stephanie Price and Cannabis Wealth on the Augur Associates White paper "Obligations and flexibilities under #European & international #law: a path towards domestic #cannabis adult-use regulation".

As showcased in the report, independent researcher Kenzi Riboulet-Zemouli's groundbreaking work opens a way for countries to #legalise cannabis for non-medical uses while remaining compliant with international conventions.

As stated by our CEO Benjamin-Alexandre Jeanroy: “We have a growing number of Member States in the #EU and in larger #Europe that are starting to experiment with alternative drug policies.

The EU today is in a middle seat position between reformist countries that are mostly coming from the Americas, and more prohibitionist countries that mostly come from Asia and Africa. We advocate for Europe to take a further stance, to go much more in the direction of reformist countries. In that respect, #Malta, #Germany, #Luxembourg, #Portugal and the #Netherlands could take the lead to start informal discussions about cannabis and drug policies in general. That would be the first step.

The second step would be formal meetings and potentially establishing other positions, or at least to fight within the EU in order to move the common position. Ultimately, they can take the lead in order to change the Conventions because those Conventions are dying out and are mostly outdated. However, that cannot happen until you have a sufficient number of countries willing to engage in #reform.

Read the article on Cannabis Wealth (in English).

To download the white paper (in English).


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