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Enquête : CBD et vie sexuelle

Augur Associates, a cannabis consultancy, conducted a survey for the brand Yogah to find out more about the habits of CBD users in regard to sexual use.

Augur surveyed over 500 people on a specialist website and found that among those who tried CBD for sexual purposes, 81% said it improved their sexual experience, either by easing anxiety or increasing sensation.

With forms of consumption ranging from CBD lube and vape pens, to CBD flowers and oils, the French market offers a variety of non-intoxicating ways to better enjoy sensual experiences thanks to CBD.

The study at a glance

In summary, here's what the 511 adults surveyed had to say about using CBD during sex:

- 46% of both men and women used CBD to alleviate sexual anxiety and 36% to improve their orgasms

- Women reported more effectiveness of CBD on sex than men (86% vs 79%)

- The most commonly used form of consumption was CBD flowers (83%) followed by oils (31%) and vape pens (13%)

Anxiety, Sensation and Listening

The survey revealed that the main use of CBD in sexual intercourse was to ease sexual anxiety.

People suffering from sexual anxiety find it difficult to focus on erotic thoughts and enjoy the physical responses of sex, focusing on their problems, causing either body dysfunction or difficulty in reaching orgasm. CBD is directly involved here in one of its greatest uses, which is to reduce stress, and thus make it easier to get on with things.

Of these people, 49% found CBD slightly to somewhat effective and 31% found it effective to very effective.

In addition to easing anxiety, 31% of those who use CBD also use it to be more responsive to their partner and 36% to improve orgasms.

People who have tried CBD support its effectiveness

Augur asked people who have used CBD for sex to rate their experience, in the hope of shedding light on the compound's role in regard to satisfaction.

CBD was found to be not always effective in 19% of cases, slightly to somewhat effective in 47% of cases and effective to very effective in 34% of cases.

Of those who found CBD to be effective, 49% used it to improve their sensations and orgasms, 43% to reduce anxiety and 33% to be more responsive to their partner.

Most respondents use CBD flowers before sex

For those seeking to enhance their sexual experiences through CBD consumption, the vast majority of people Augur surveyed chose to consume CBD flowers (83%).

The second most popular method of consumption is CBD oil (31%) followed by vape pens (13%).

CBD flower is probably the best-known product in France today, as well as being a substitute for THC flower. Some of the respondents to the survey noted that it allowed them not to consume traditional cannabis while still managing to relax sufficiently.

Other forms of CBD such as lubricants or concentrates are less used by survey respondents. CBD lubricants are still rare on the French market and probably lack visibility among a clientele looking for CBD products for their sexual experience. They often incorporate other compounds that will also prevent pain or seek to stimulate the appropriate areas.


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